Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Angoulême Controversy: The Strumpet Responds

Let it be known, Strumpet fans, that the Strumpet herself seethed with discontent when she heard the news about the gender-skewed voting on the next Président of the Angoulême Festival (FIBD).

It got worse when the Festival posted an explanation. That the Festival leadership don't think any women are worth the prize, basically, was the jist:,le-festival-d-angouleme-aime-les-femmes-mais-ne-peut-pas-refaire-l-histoire-de-la-bande-dessinee

As far as mansplaining goes, "The Festival loves women, but we cannot rewrite the history of comics" is pretty bad.

To us, this statement says that no women - not the pioneers of 70s alt comics, not the ragers of 80s and 90s art comics, not amazing memoirists like Joyce Farmer and Roz Chast, not the amazing webcomics stars of today, not the ladies who've struggled and succeeded to make their way in the world of mainstream or kids' comics - none of them are up to the standard of Wolinski, who presented a wall of birthday cards as part of his presidential Angoulême exhibit. 

If the selection has only to do with who's popular in France, fine. But don't nominate obscurities like Edika and then try and pretend that this list is either a) nepotism-free or b) based on the commercial viability of the festival. 

In that spirit, the Strumpet nominates the following women, trans and queer cartoonists for the presidency of the Angoulême festival!  

Each of them has had a long and broad career in comics,  and would be a much needed breath of fresh air.  And if Melinda Gebbie or Alison Bechdel haven't had a transformative effect on comics...well, they have.

The Strumpet's Nominees

And in the spirit of nominating someone who could show the old, stodgy types at the Mercure what the next generation is all about, Hazel Newlevant!  She could be this year's Zep, who was only 36 when nominated.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Smoldering Summer Reading - The Strumpet!

We just restocked our store and all issues of Strumpet are on sale at special prices! 

Also, our next appearance will be at SPX!  Come by and say hi - plus, Issue 4 will be an SPX debut!

Monday, 26 January 2015

New York Launch - February 3rd!

Our launch is here!!!!  So exciting!  There will be some great comics, some baked goods, beer, and our artists.  Come along, and say hello! 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Raise a Glass! The Strumpet's Here!

Strumpets Patrice Aggs, Evie Fridel, Ellen Lindner, Lauren O'Farrell and Rachel Yelding party in London, to celebrate the new issue! 

Hi all!  

Thanks to our amazing Kickstarter supporters, we've been to the press and now Strumpet 4 is officially in existence.  It looks SO NICE.  

UK orders went out over the holidays, and US orders are currently being shipped out.  Extra bags are being sewn, button sets are being assembled - it's crazy!

Due to the quiet time of year for Editrix Ellen's Euro sojourn we Strumpets opted for a quiet lunch and a pint to celebrate the new issue in Londontown - but there will be a New York launch announced very soon!

In the meantime, we have just put the new issue up on Etsy.  It is currently available at Gosh! London, and will be very soon at Bergen Street Comics.  Check it out, and spread the word! 

We'll post news of The Strumpet's summer convention schedule as it gets solidified...until then, thanks for being such great fans!  

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Strumpet Merch!!!

Hi Strumpets!  Tomorrow is the last day of our Kickstarter, so I thought I'd do a little tour de merch, to let Kickstarters and prospective Kickstarters know what they will be getting in addition to our beauteous comics. 

First up, our mug, in a handy wraparound view!

Next up our tote, with art by the amazing Audrey Weber!  IT IS ORANGE!  Here's a mockup:

Why orange?  Well, because the pocket- you've gotta have a pocket - will be in one of an array of super-groovy vintage fabrics, from an authentic fabric sampler from the Seventies.  Here are some samples:


And finally - our buttons!  So everyone will know you support us.

Let's keep the t-shirt mysterious for now...but it will be cool.  This, I swear!

Wanna get your hands on Strumpet 4, and some of this cool swag? 

Here's that Kickstarter link...pre-order today!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Introducing the artists of Strumpet 4: Audrey Weber

Strumpet 4 approaches! As we continue with our Kickstarter campaign, we're taking this time to draw attention to all of the incredible artists who have contributed work for the upcoming issue.

Today's featured Strumpet is the excellent Audrey Weber, of leafy, lovely Brooklyn. Audrey's comics and illustrations are charming, beautifully hand-colored, and imbued with a certain winning touch of mystery.

In addition to her drawing talents, Audrey has some serious fiber arts skills, and does all kinds of beautiful textile design.

It is pretty much impossible to go wrong with a cat quilt. But it is very possible to go wrong with your life -- by not obtaining your very own copy of Strumpet 4!  So pre-order your own copy via our Kickstarter today!  This campaign ends on December 19th.  

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Introducing the artists of Strumpet 4: Casandra Grullon

Another day, another awesome Strumpet artist to introduce! As the Kickstarter campaign marches on and the publication date for issue 4 draws nigh, we're taking a look at all of the talented people who contributed work for this upcoming comics explosion. Today, the superb Casandra Grullon!

Casandra is a New York native and a senior in the cartooning program at the School of Visual Arts. She is already quite an accomplished cartoonist, and also happens to be a special friend of The Strumpet -- in addition to the comic she drew for this issue, Casandra worked extensively on layouts and provided us with some outrageously adorable end paper illustrations (see below).

And in case you're in need of yet more excitement, we've also got a preview of Casandra's Strumpet piece!

Casandra is currently in the process of finishing her degree. If you're interested in seeing more of her excellent work, be sure to look her up at Fresh Meat, SVA's annual in-house comics convention, this April.  Or check out her Tumblr, full of beautifully done short stories. 

Intrigued?  Pre-order your copy of The Strumpet on Kickstarter, today!